Showing Off Sara’s Dog

This time I am showing off  someone else’s creation, depicting a familiar friend of mine.

The photo below is a representation of an original pastel on monotype by Sylvia Gonzalez,  a  very talented artist from Petaluma who’s  work has been a favorite of mine for about 12 years.  I didn’t even know she did this one until a little pic came via email a few days ago. Yes, that is my dog, Bodie.  This time, I am showing off a work of art featuring my dog while she is still with me, alive and well,  hopefully  for many years to come.

pastel on monotype
Sara’s Dog    22 x 28”   pastel on monotype

I just want to say thank you to Sylvia and to anyone who hasn’t seen her spirited, creative, and of course beautiful work, (not just dogs, albeit a favorite theme of mine, but of many natural subjects ) please drop in to her website at

What a lovely tribute to a very good dog!

Thanks, Sylvia!

More of Sylvia’s work. . .


The Dog Whisperer and I Have Something In Common

This post is about dogs portraits, dog whisperers, and an artist / dog trainer named Lesley Zoromski.

One day while at work at Skylark Images, a ball of energy named Lesley Zoromski stopped by to check out our services-or rather, she slowed down, switching speeds from fast to normal for a few minutes. I doubt that there is a stop button on that girl.

Lesley showed my colleague and I her work, and requested a scan.We started talking about dogs,  as her “piece” was a beautiful delicate portrait of a dog. It was so realistic and full of personality; it was really wonderful.

Lesley told me about her dog, Cricket and I introduced her to Syd, who came over to say hello. Lesley had an immediate rapport with my dog, and for good reason. Turns out, she is also a dog trainer at a very reputable, high-end canine training facility in town.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago; Lesley came into Skylark as she has every few months, but this time she came for a special reason-to present me with a pastel portrait of The Bean, her first pastel work. Honestly, I knew about the portrait and I knew she would create a wonderful  portrait for me. I was wrong. What she made is truly awesome, colorful and true, my dog laughing right off of the paper as if alive once again. Wow.

see it now

Ms Zoromski also had other portraits for us to scan, including one of Junior, one of The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan’s dogs. She told me she hoped to present the portrait to Cesar personally at a conference in LA in a few weeks. No, it was not a commission, just a gift accompanied by a hope that she would be able to express to Cesar personally what his work has meant to her.

Judging from the pictures Lesley sent me, I would say she succeeded. Have a look at that excited, happy, and almost star struck gal on the right.

Looks like junior liked the portrait as well.


Photographs © Darrell Zoromski and are being used with the permission of the photographer.

So Cesar and I have a Lesley Zoromski original work in common-Sydney in pastel, Junior rendered in colored pencil.

Looking at Sydney dancing and laughing that sunny day I can’t resist  putting words in Sydney’s mouth: ” Hey Cesar, Dog Whisperer, train this.”


 © Sara Silver Photographer 2011

Skylark Images Sonoma County’s Best Giclée Printing Company

It never hurts to spotlight a great business, and Skylark Images, located in Northern California, is an great digital fine-art printing business. Serving artists, photographers, designers and everyone in-between, Skylark Images is a walk-in print shop which is just as easily accessed via the internet. Even better, Skylark has one-stop-shopping for people purchasing canvas prints-custom stretching on kiln-dried poplar frames at very competitive prices.
High quality large format printers,  indeed, they can reproduce up to 60” x any length. They only use the industry’s top of the line canvas and papers to print on, and now use green environmentally friendly coatings to protect your prints. As beta testers for their suppliers they know their materials and only use the best.

Skylark Images Home Page
Skylark Images Home Page

Unlike the competition, high-resolution scanning of your image with a depth of 16 bits and a custom color profile is standard at Skylark Images, and it is the only way to ensure a beautifully clear, detailed, color-accurate print.

Established over 15 years ago, Skylark Images enjoys word-of mouth success with thousands of satisfied customers from all over the globe.

How do I know all of this? I am on the inside-a happy employee of Skylark for almost 10 years.

Puppy Update from Team Skylark

Fantastic Dogs: Skylark Images, United States

Spaces in Program: 2

Spaces Available: 0

Members: 2 (Max 2)

Youngest Member : Parker “Barker” Briggs,  Age 15 Weeks Old

Oldest Member : Sydney “The Bean” Silver,  Age 17.5 years

Youngest Member of Team Skylark

Wow. You’re O-L-D, aren’t you?
Wanna Play, Do ya? Do ya?

Meet the Newest Member of Skylark Images

Ori-3 When I got to work on Monday morning, I was distracted by personal thoughts and didn’t notice
the new Skylarkian. I did see strange, happy smiles as everyone looked at me expectantly.
“What now?”  I wondered,  “and why is everyone staring at me with goofy looks on their faces?”
Moments later, I saw our new crew member, all 14 pounds of jet-colored curls, his cuter-than-cute poodle face almost completely obscured by a mop of black corkscrews.
Finally I understood. “You got a puppy!!”

Welcome  to Skylark Images, Ori*,  and as a senior Skylarkian I say to you: “Get crackin’ on those print orders!!”

Ori-6BTW I think Sydney likes him enough to eat him, and she certainly watches his every wiggle very closely. (There are many wiggles and waddles, believe me!)

We like the new boy, Erin and Darren. Congratulations!

*Ori : a Hebrew word meaning My Light and coincidentally my brother-in-law’s name


Wine Country Painter in Northern California, Barbara Greensweig

Greeting Cards, Limited Edition Prints and Sought-After Original Paintings of Vineyards, Fields of Flowers, and Wine Country Views now available through her website.

Award-winning artist Barbara Greensweig paints “captured moments in time”. Her work is characterized by bold and brilliant color compositions of vineyards by old barns, flowers cascading from windows and doorways, and porches with sleeping dogs. Greensweig has resided over 20 years in the wine country of Northern California, a favorite subject in her work. The artist also enjoys painting on location “en plein aire”.Barbara Greensweig Wine-Country Painter
Barbara Greensweig Wine-Country Painter

Art trips to Southern France early in her career led Greensweig to start painting sunflowers and fields of lavender before each became trendy. Her favorite spots abroad are the hilltop villages of Provence as well as San Miguel de Allende in Colonial Mexico with its rich adobe colors.

Greensweig’s work has been featured on event posters, for promotion at Northern California wineries, on telephone directory covers, and used in products by a variety of companies. Her paintings are part of private and corporate collections in the U.S. and internationally. Greensweig paints on commission for private clients and businesses.

Visit her work and meet the artist on her website.

Click here to go to Barbara's website
Click here to go to Barbara's website

Fine-Art Digital Reproductions from Skylark Images 101

Skylark Images and Color

  • Skylark workflow includes a comprehensive Color  Management system
  • A custom color profile is created for each scan
  • all equipment and media are individually profiled in-house
  • All profiles are made using a spectrophotometer and specialized software-no “canned” maufacturers profiles

The Staff of Skylark Images…

  • The people who make up Skylark Images have the combined experience of  over 50 years in printmaking
  • A small friendly group with your satisfaction as their goal
  • Each member of the Skylark Team is the best in his/her field
  • There is no shortage of creative personalities  as the staff is made up of photographers, artists and writers
  • New information and training keep the knowledgeable Skylarkians at the forefront of  digital imaging

Location Location Location- so many ways to print at Skylark Images

  • Located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California
  • Cotati is just south of Santa Rosa on Hwy 101
  • Their well- planned and easily navigated web site gives you all the information you need
  • With the staff happy to help you on the phone or via email if you prefer