Local Landscapes – Photography Show Coming Up Soon!

Sara Silver


N e w    W o r k


Steele Lane Community Center

415 Steele Lane Santa Rosa CA


November 24, 2015 – January 14, 2016

Monday – Friday 8:30-5:00 pm


Wednesday December 2, 2015

4:00 – 6:00 pm



To see more photographs, please visit my website http://sarasilver,com
or my Flickr site https://www.flickr.com/photos/sarasilver

Show Location:
Steele Lane Community Center Lobby
415 Steele Ln. Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone: (707) 543-3282This show is made possible by City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks.
Fog on Coleman Valley Road

The Community Center is accessible to all and has plenty of free parking!
Steele Lane Community Center (707) 543-3282

Steal This Road Trip!

Last week while your were celebrating Christmas (or going to the movies, what our Jewish family did on December 25th, or however you spent that day) I was already down in the Mojave region of California, visiting the sights.

There are a lot of things to see down there, and I saw a few of them. So steal this trip, you won’t be sorry…

Notable sights on the itinerary:

Mojave, CA, Death Valley National Park, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Randsburg ( a semi ghost town with tons of personality) Owens Valley, Alabama Hills, views of Mt Whitney and friends, Mono Basin and Mono Lake, all the lovely little towns along route 395 like Olancha, Big Pine, Lone Pine, Independence, Bishop, Bridgeport…

The heavy storms overnight on Christmas filled Owens Lake with snow and ice, and the mountain ranges as you approach  Death Valley were decorated with striations of white. It was very cold and breathtaking. A perfect sunrise experienced from the snow capped boulders of the Alabama Hills, with Mt Whitney blazing pink and orange as the sun emerged over the mountains to the east was heartbreaking and unforgettable.

Do this trip. Do it in the winter. You will not be sorry. Steal it now.

Snow-and-Sunrise-Alabama-HIlls Sunrise-Alabama-Hills-and-Beyond Photo of Eastern Sierra Peaks First-View-Death-Valley-Western-Range Mesquite-Dunes-Desth-Valley View-of-Mono-Lake---Winter Mono-Basin-Hills Mono-Lake Bridgeport-3 Randsburg4 Mojave-Panorama Distant-Desert-Dust-Storm Randsburg6

Finally-Wildflower Season! (I Think They Call It Spring…)

sara silver - FlickriverYes, finally the days are long enough, the weather cooperative enough, and spring is ready to show off for us.

I seem to know some great spots to see the new and fresh life of spring . Although I plan to map all of my wildflower shots on flickr,  here are my lucky spots, still viable for those of you looking to see these beauties in real life.

GGNRA in Marin – The trail is found by driving up Cozuleman Rd to the new roundabout (look for a tiny parking lot on North side) or by driving towards Ft Cronkhite and turning on the road just past the old military family housing and driving to the top. Columbine, Lupine, Paintbrush, Poppies, Stonecrop, Dudleya, 3 kinds of berries, just to name a few. Awesome!

Point Reyes, Marin County – Always a satisfying trip in the spring. Wild Radish, Irises, and zillions more. Never a disappointment. Dogs aren’t welcome in a lot of the park, so if you have your
4-legged friend with you head to Kehoe Beach, where doggies are welcome and the flowers are everywhere. A great dune filled beach with a cute little lagoon.

Bodega Head, Sonoma County –  Wildflowers of course, and also a great spot for people interested in our feathered friends. The first Cream Cups I ever saw were there, and actually I have never seen them anywhere else. Also lots of lovely Yellow Bush Lupine and fiercely blue Douglas Iris.

Foothill Regional Park, Windsor, Sonoma County – Great place to have a nice workout and see lots of Mules Ears, 2 kinds of Irises, as well as Blue Eyed Grass, Hounds Tongue and so much more.

Howarth Park to Spring Lake , Santa Rosa, Sonoma County – Keep your eyes peeled as you take the trails less traveled up the wooded hillside. Similar flora to Foothill Regional Park.

Willow Creek Road, Sonoma County –  Use your GPS to find the Occidental Side to this road, which goes all the way to the coast. Trillium, Irises, Wild Rose, Bicolored Lupine, Self Heal, Poppies, rare Spotted Coral Root and California Bee Plant
and the view is excellent. Another good workout, too!

Hood Mountain Regional Park,  Sonoma County – The Lower Johnson Ridge Trail is where I spotted pretty Mission Bells, my first. Be in good shape for any trails in this park. So lush and beautiful you feel as if you have been transported to a semi-tropical rain forest.

Thumbnail Grid Mosaic Image Wall 2

I update everything eventually. Even the post titled: Call It Thumbgrid Mosaic Image Wall.

Because I updated the mosaic wall of images on http://sarasilver.com/mosaic, I realized an update to the post about it was called for .

So, visit the new site and send your landscape-lovin’,  flower-friendly compadres and family to visit as well.

Old Mosaic

mosaic image wall

New Mosaic

The revamped website is: Vaguely Frank Lloyd-esque, lots of photos, easier to look at, the ability to purchase premium prints, postcards and greeting cards in the store, or even send  free ecards via the web.

New Gallery Page