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I update everything eventually. Even the post titled: Call It Thumbgrid Mosaic Image Wall.

Because I updated the mosaic wall of images on, I realized an update to the post about it was called for .

So, visit the new site and send your landscape-lovin’,  flower-friendly compadres and family to visit as well.

Old Mosaic

mosaic image wall

New Mosaic

The revamped website is: Vaguely Frank Lloyd-esque, lots of photos, easier to look at, the ability to purchase premium prints, postcards and greeting cards in the store, or even send  free ecards via the web.

New Gallery Page


Bent Out of Shape Over Copyright Thievery?

You should be!

This is a subject  similar to one I  wrote about a few months ago -losing your intellectual property rights by signing them away online. It’s a  different side of the same cube – having your written content, designs, photos, (“stuff”) stolen and used without attribution or remuneration.

It happens all of the time, not in a small way due in part to the internet’s vast and unrestricted frontier atmosphere. That, and some people are

  • unaware of intellectual property rights. or
  • pretty sure no one will ever find out, or
  • thieves

To read a very clear and concise article on this subject, please visit Freelance Switch . A really informative website and well worth a visit.

Puppy Update from Team Skylark

Fantastic Dogs: Skylark Images, United States

Spaces in Program: 2

Spaces Available: 0

Members: 2 (Max 2)

Youngest Member : Parker “Barker” Briggs,  Age 15 Weeks Old

Oldest Member : Sydney “The Bean” Silver,  Age 17.5 years

Youngest Member of Team Skylark

Wow. You’re O-L-D, aren’t you?
Wanna Play, Do ya? Do ya?

Aztec Dahlia Farm Update 2009

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I was reminded that it’s nearly time for the second year of Dahlias to bloom on Adobe Rd in Petaluma.

I received a nice email from the owners of  Aztec Dahlia Farm where colorful rows of huge Dahlias were recently planted-6000 of them, all waiting to be enjoyed, purchased and photographed.

Don’t forget to drive by this summer for a real treat.

A link to the farm’s website as well as a map link and directions  can be found on my original post here.