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I update everything eventually. Even the post titled: Call It Thumbgrid Mosaic Image Wall.

Because I updated the mosaic wall of images on, I realized an update to the post about it was called for .

So, visit the new site and send your landscape-lovin’,  flower-friendly compadres and family to visit as well.

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The revamped website is: Vaguely Frank Lloyd-esque, lots of photos, easier to look at, the ability to purchase premium prints, postcards and greeting cards in the store, or even send  free ecards via the web.

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Surviving the Grief of Losing My Dog


Anyone who knows me is aware of my connection with Sydney. She and I were inseparable and spent 24/7 together. When she died, it is undeniable that a part of me died with her. At first I could hardly breathe. I sobbed continuously, and felt completely alone. Then I found that immersing myself in her helped me stay afloat, so I made a little memorybook recalling her life. In six weeks I had finished, and faced the abyss of grief yet again. I started cycling during the tough hours after work, and that helped me think a bit. I decided to do what I hadn’t been able to do while Syd was alive, and took a trip to Southern Utah. I flew to Las Vegas and picked up my rent a car. My trip to see the wonders of Bryce, Zion, Snow Canyon, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and other colorful places began. I spent the week with a car and all my camera equipment and had a blast. Syd was always on my mind, but it was distracting to be in such beautiful places and so I relaxed a little. When I returned I started looking at adoptable animals at the local shelters, first online only, then, finally, I visited a few. 2 weeks later and 5 months after the death of my beloved Sydney Bean, I have a new dog.

I must be a lucky soul. My new friend, Bodie (found on Bodega Hwy, Bodie is a shortened version of Bodega; her nickname is much longer: “Bodacious  Bodega”) is a beautiful McNab (?) Border Collie mix, about 5 years old. She is smart, well-trained, responsive, sweet, friendly, unflappable, energetic yet with a calm disposition. We both hit the lottery. I will never be over Sydney and wonder if I will ever stop thinking about her, but I now have a little sunshine in my life again, and that is precious. Thank god for dogs. Thank god for Bodie. Thank god for Sydney Bean.

Goodbye, Sweet Bean

Dear Friends of Sydney Bean

Syd died yesterday evening following a severe downturn in her condition. I am devastated. I could never prepare to be without the little sweet being that has been by my side literally for 18 years.

I decided to give her a final resting place at the Pet Cemetery at Cypress Hill Cemetery in Petaluma. She will always be there for a visit and nothing can ever be built over her. I expect to bury her the beginning of this coming week, and I will know more on Monday morning.

I want to thank everyone who ever had a kind word or thought for Sydney. I will always be deeply grateful to those of you who let her into your lives knowing she and I were a “package deal”. I often thought she was the better end of the deal which I’m sure you understand.

While I am convinced she wouldn’t have had such a wonderful and long life if she and I  hadn’t been together each day, it makes the present without her very painful. I tried to speak to my dad a few moments ago and it was almost too hard, which is why I am emailing this to you all.

Below is a photo of Sydney, the last one, taken on Steelhead Beach on the Russian River Friday evening. She had just drank a gallon of clear river water, which was her drink of choice, and was contentedly napping when I snapped this. Sydney loved creeks and rivers, I’ll never know why.

May She Rest In Peace

Sara, Syd’s Mom

Bent Out of Shape Over Copyright Thievery?

You should be!

This is a subject  similar to one I  wrote about a few months ago -losing your intellectual property rights by signing them away online. It’s a  different side of the same cube – having your written content, designs, photos, (“stuff”) stolen and used without attribution or remuneration.

It happens all of the time, not in a small way due in part to the internet’s vast and unrestricted frontier atmosphere. That, and some people are

  • unaware of intellectual property rights. or
  • pretty sure no one will ever find out, or
  • thieves

To read a very clear and concise article on this subject, please visit Freelance Switch . A really informative website and well worth a visit.