Local Landscapes – Photography Show Coming Up Soon!

Sara Silver


N e w    W o r k


Steele Lane Community Center

415 Steele Lane Santa Rosa CA


November 24, 2015 – January 14, 2016

Monday – Friday 8:30-5:00 pm


Wednesday December 2, 2015

4:00 – 6:00 pm



To see more photographs, please visit my website http://sarasilver,com
or my Flickr site https://www.flickr.com/photos/sarasilver

Show Location:
Steele Lane Community Center Lobby
415 Steele Ln. Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone: (707) 543-3282This show is made possible by City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks.
Fog on Coleman Valley Road

The Community Center is accessible to all and has plenty of free parking!
Steele Lane Community Center (707) 543-3282

Kathleen Senzell, Fine Artist, Paints Scenes from the Wild West and Much More

Artist Spotlight

WHO: Kathleen Senzell, Northern California Oil Painter

WEBSITE: http://senzell.com

Kathy’s work is clean and bold, with strong colors and contrasts of light. She paints beautiful animal & bird portraits, both wild and domesticated, stunning landscapes featuring iconic places, commissioned portraits, and a category I like to call “storytelling”. Her painting, Game for the Deed, (shown below) is a perfect example.


Her great love of all animals,  support of animal rights all over the world, as well as her accomplishments as a horsewoman provide many of her painting subjects; she is also deeply interested in historical aspects of the  American Southwest, reflected in works such as Chief Joseph (below).

Chief Joseph


A California native, Kathy studied art in Southern California schools and colleges before moving to Oregon where she immediately fell in love with the wilderness and the animals that inhabit it. As word spread about her ability to capture the “look” of the animals in her paintings, she began doing commissioned work.

Excerpt from her Artist Biography page      http://senzell.com/about

She can be contacted through her website http://senzell.com/contact . Drop her an email if you are interested in the purchase of an original oil painting, limited edition prints, or commissioning an original work. And don’t forget to stop by her website to see more of her unique works of art.

Profound Thoughts and Silly Memories of The Late Great Robin Williams

I only met Robin once, and it is a funny and personal memory I will cherish always. I never saw him perform his act  live but I think I caught a recording of every show available, plus if I knew he was to be a guest on a show, I did whatever it took to see him. Who didn’t? He didn’t set the standard for comedians, he was in a class all by himself with a style unmatched yet deeply respected by all others in his field. His acting was outstanding as well, yes, and some of my favorite movies are “his” movies. The top 2 are Fisher King and The Birdcage.  Both paired him with amazingly talented actors and in both cases he didn’t steal the show yet was phenomenal in his own right.

I get up each morning and think “Am I really getting up today to a world without Robin Williams?” I never thought that would happen, at least not so soon.

Yet my most profound thought regarding his death is this: If it is true that laughter keeps us healthy and may even help us live longer, then we all have had some time taken away from us on this earth. 


This may surprise most of you but I am a William Shatner Fan from not way back.  Pretty recent development, actually.

His  autobiography Up Til Now as well as his recent book Shatner’s Rules (excellent audiobooks,  narrated by Bill of course)  have accompanied me on my last three road trips. This gives me the illusion that he has come along for the ride. Unexpected benefit, as he is quite chatty and very interesting, are his candor, humor, and good nature.  So even though he doesn’t know me  and never will,  he is feels like a good friend of mine.

We have traveled, along with my dog Bodie and Sock Monkey (who gives up shotgun position for Bill) to Death Valley and the Eastern Sierras, Carson Pass and Alpine County in California,  Central and Eastern Oregon, and of course my most recent trip to Arizona, a 3000+ mile canyon-fest.  He respects my creative process, which is no surprise, but does not chip in for gas.

Happy Birthday, Bill.


Showing Off Sara’s Dog

This time I am showing off  someone else’s creation, depicting a familiar friend of mine.

The photo below is a representation of an original pastel on monotype by Sylvia Gonzalez,  a  very talented artist from Petaluma who’s  work has been a favorite of mine for about 12 years.  I didn’t even know she did this one until a little pic came via email a few days ago. Yes, that is my dog, Bodie.  This time, I am showing off a work of art featuring my dog while she is still with me, alive and well,  hopefully  for many years to come.

pastel on monotype
Sara’s Dog    22 x 28”   pastel on monotype

I just want to say thank you to Sylvia and to anyone who hasn’t seen her spirited, creative, and of course beautiful work, (not just dogs, albeit a favorite theme of mine, but of many natural subjects ) please drop in to her website at sylviagonzalez.com.

What a lovely tribute to a very good dog!

Thanks, Sylvia!

More of Sylvia’s work. . .

The Results Are In-Sonoma County Fair 3 Ribbons!


Three reasons to love the fair for me. I actually went, for the first time ever, which was fun, as I not only took fun fair pics mostly of lights and rides in motion after dark, but because I spent a few hours photographing butterflies at the Butterfly Experience tent. What a wonderful opportunity to capture these beauties with relative ease.

Monarch-Side-View Lady-in-Waiting Over The Shoulder At-Rest Orange

I also entered 3 photographs in a  juried competition for photographers, and was pleasantly surprised that all 3 images received ribbons!

Mt Whitney Moonset before Sunrise
Second Place Winner!
Third Place Winner!
Third Place Winner!