Stay strong, stay focused: new resources on Comey’s firing and TrumpCare

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As we always knew he would, Donald Trump is trying to rip apart our country and our democracy. No matter what issue matters to you most – whether it’s health care, immigration, the environment, civil rights, or something else – it is under attack by Trump and his cronies in Congress.

And that’s their plan. They’re hoping that by attacking every value this country cherishes, we won’t have the energy or the fortitude to fight him on multiple fronts. But we are going to prove them wrong.

Before a busy weekend of town halls, we wanted to make sure you had all the tools to get the job done. This week, we’re focusing on Comey’s firing and health care.

In a blow to democracy, Trump fires the person investigating his administration

Trump himself admitted today that his administration cooked up a reason to fire Comey, telling NBC he was “going to fire him anyway” regardless of what his own Justice Department recommended. We need an independent, resourced investigation into the ties between Trump, his people, and Russia’s interference in our election. Read our latest policy brief here.

What you should do: Tell your Senator we need an independent law enforcement investigation, like a special prosecutor, to make sure we get the bottom of this. Do it at town halls, office visits, phone calls, the works.

Payback for TrumpCare votes

Last week, 217 representatives voted to gut protections for millions of Americans with preexisting conditions, defund Planned Parenthood, and cut $880 billion from Medicaid for children, the sick, and persons with disabilities. We’ve launched The Payback Project, a website showcasing your amazing work across the country to remind these representatives of the cost of voting for TrumpCare. Check it out.

What you should do: Register your events that target the 217 here. Use the toolkit to plan a die-in in your district. Tweet and post your photos and events for our accountability wall.

Can’t get your Member of Congress to meet with you?

Members of Congress are hiding from their constituents, and we’ve got new resources to help you out. We have developed a new Adopt-A-District Toolkit to help you out. If your MoC won’t face you, a neighboring MoC will. Check out the toolkit to see how.