How Did Your Representative in Congress Vote on ACA Repeal/Replace?

There is an election, coming in 2018. Who knows where this bill will be by then. But this vote, the first part of a long process, is over.

They wouldn’t have voted for the bill if they thought that they would lose their job if they did.

show them how you feel about their uncaring, unAmerican attitude towards the people they work for. Fire them.

There were 20 Republicans who didn’t vote for the bill, not many, just a few who didn’t follow the party line.


This means that the list of Yes votes is long. Many of these congressmen and women believe if you can’t afford your healthcare you shouldn’t have any. Pre-existing condition? Too bad! Over 50? Get ready for much higher premiums and much much smaller subsidies.

Ok, there is good news. If you make over $200,000.00 a year you get a tax cut. Woo Hoo!

List of All Votes on Obamacare/ACA Repeal/Replace Bill Today.