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This may surprise most of you but I am a William Shatner Fan from not way back.  Pretty recent development, actually.

His  autobiography Up Til Now as well as his recent book Shatner’s Rules (excellent audiobooks,  narrated by Bill of course)  have accompanied me on my last three road trips. This gives me the illusion that he has come along for the ride. Unexpected benefit, as he is quite chatty and very interesting, are his candor, humor, and good nature.  So even though he doesn’t know me  and never will,  he is feels like a good friend of mine.

We have traveled, along with my dog Bodie and Sock Monkey (who gives up shotgun position for Bill) to Death Valley and the Eastern Sierras, Carson Pass and Alpine County in California,  Central and Eastern Oregon, and of course my most recent trip to Arizona, a 3000+ mile canyon-fest.  He respects my creative process, which is no surprise, but does not chip in for gas.

Happy Birthday, Bill.


For All My Friends Living In The City

March 12, 2014 § 2 Comments

As I stated in the title, this is for anyone living in a truly urban area, like San Francisco.

I never knew this factoid until I moved up to Sonoma County where rural meets and mingles with urban. It is a totally worthless bit of information, I know, but I like it, so I am sharing it.

As the sun went down this evening, blessedly later due to  Daylight Savings (yay!) I heard a surprising sound-something (many somethings, actually) were  making  jungle-like noises to each other, reminding me that there are many  a strange reality  to life among the farms and fields: lots of people have pet peacocks. Not caged nor corralled but freely living on their owners’  property, hanging out with cows or in the neighbor’s flower beds adorning their land, sometimes roaming up the golden hills in the afternoon or watching the sunset from an abandoned building.



Showing Off Sara’s Dog

September 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

This time I am showing off  someone else’s creation, depicting a familiar friend of mine.

The photo below is a representation of an original pastel on monotype by Sylvia Gonzalez,  a  very talented artist from Petaluma who’s  work has been a favorite of mine for about 12 years.  I didn’t even know she did this one until a little pic came via email a few days ago. Yes, that is my dog, Bodie.  This time, I am showing off a work of art featuring my dog while she is still with me, alive and well,  hopefully  for many years to come.

pastel on monotype

Sara’s Dog    22 x 28”   pastel on monotype

I just want to say thank you to Sylvia and to anyone who hasn’t seen her spirited, creative, and of course beautiful work, (not just dogs, albeit a favorite theme of mine, but of many natural subjects ) please drop in to her website at sylviagonzalez.com.

What a lovely tribute to a very good dog!

Thanks, Sylvia!

More of Sylvia’s work. . .

The Results Are In-Sonoma County Fair 3 Ribbons!

August 13, 2013 § 2 Comments


Three reasons to love the fair for me. I actually went, for the first time ever, which was fun, as I not only took fun fair pics mostly of lights and rides in motion after dark, but because I spent a few hours photographing butterflies at the Butterfly Experience tent. What a wonderful opportunity to capture these beauties with relative ease.

Monarch-Side-View Lady-in-Waiting Over The Shoulder At-Rest Orange

I also entered 3 photographs in a  juried competition for photographers, and was pleasantly surprised that all 3 images received ribbons!

Mt Whitney Moonset before Sunrise

Second Place Winner!


Third Place Winner!


Third Place Winner!

An Open Letter to A Iittle Heron

May 28, 2013 § 2 Comments


Hey Little Night Heron,

I am so so so sorry I didn’t keep you safe, somehow, some way, last week when you left the safety of your home in the Eucalyptus tree. I watched you wander around the street and grass next to it; I stood in the road to make the cars pay attention, slow down. I should have done more, little guy. I never should have stepped out of the road, never should have trusted the character of the driver who killed you. He was going slow, seemed to be attentive, but when I stepped back he did what I find unthinkable.

Did you see the tires begin to turn more quickly, did you see them angle towards you all of a sudden, or were you mercifully unaware you were about to be cruelly and senselessly murdered?

I think you were gone and didn’t hear me either, but in case you were still writhing in agony, your feathered body broken beyond repair, I apologize for the screams and the angry shouts, the swearing, the sobs. No one should die in such chaos, the fading light of their world filled with dark, hot anger.  I am so sorry.

I let you down, my friend, and though I didn’t know you I still cry for you. Forever young. And never forgotten.

Rest in Peace,

A Friend



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Where would we be without birds? I never want to find out. Sonoma county is blessed with many species of birds, and on April 28th we have the opportunity to celebrate them, while helping out a great organization and spending time with family and friends.


The Bird Rescue Center of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa, CA is opening its doors to the public for the First Annual Festival of Feathers on April 28, 2013, 11am – 4pm.

This open house is for everyone, held at the facilities where birds of prey rehab and groups of young children learn all about our native birds.

from birdrescuecenter.org website:

Guests will be wowed by opportunities for up-close encounters with the Center’s resident birds of prey, which will include a variety of owls, falcons and hawks. Kids of all ages will enjoy a selection of fun and educational activities. Appetizers, snacks, desserts and wines representing Sonoma County’s finest will be available. A silent auction and raffle with items and services offered by wonderful local artists and businesses will be offered.
This place does awesome work and needs all the interest and support it can get.

Bird Rescue Center
3430 Chanate Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

The Bird Rescue Center’s rehabilitation hospital and offices are located in the North East Santa Rosa area at 3430 Chanate Road, just east of Sutter Hospital.

Time for a Little Doggy Update

February 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Bodie_8447 Bodie-for-imovie-sm

Seems I haven’t written about my dog, Bodie, for quite awhile. She accompanied me on my trip to the desert in December, and we had a great time. That dog loves to romp through snowdrifts! Alas, she also has arthritis and the cold and extra effort didn’t help her mobility at all. My dog is officially lame, and after trying Legend for 3 weeks with no change we are going for the “Rimadyl, herbal supplements, and JD Prescription Diet” Strategy. This worked wonders for Sydney so I am hoping Bodie will be more like Sydney in this respect than she has been in most others.


Bodie still has the cutest smile and great freckles and a wonderfully even personality so it’s not all bad. I just want her to be in less pain, and be able to hike with me more this Spring and Summer.



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